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How to choose the best smartphone that suits your needs?

When choosing your smartphone, many factors have to be considered. As selecting the  right smartphone depends entirely on how you'll be using it and what features are you looking to enjoy with your smartphone. The smartphone market today offers a wide range of selections with broadly varying prices, however it is important to take note that expensive isn't always better. To avoid buyer's remorse, read these helpful tips before buying your smartphones. 

Key Features to Consider:

1. Size and type of screen display:

Today, almost 90% of all Malaysians use our smartphones to access the internet and watch videos.According to a survey,  Facebook, Instagram, Google, Youtube and even TikTok are the most predominant apps that utilize Malaysian’s screentime on their smartphones. Does any of these app sound familiar to you? If so your screen size is an important factor to consider. A smartphone screen size that is too big will make it inconvenient for you to carry around, whereas a smartphone screen size that is too small will equally put a strain onto your eyes as you use your smartphones for an extended period of time. 


Aside from your smartphone screen size, we will also need to take into account your smartphone’s screen display type. The most common types of smartphone screen display that we see today are AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diodes), LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and OLED (Ogranic Light Emitting Diode). When considering which smartphone you will purchase, you should choose a smartphone that not only has the suitable screen size, but also a smartphone with a high quality display that can not only be readable under the sun, but also with suitable screen resolution and pixel density that allows you to look at your smartphone for extended hours without putting strain on your eyes. 


2. Type Of Device Processor(OS):

In our smartphones today, every device is equipped with multiple processors. You have probably heard of terms such as Single-core, dual-core, quad core or even octa-core. These terms refer to the number of processor cores in a CPU (Central Processing Unit). Each core acts like an independent brain, capable of processing instructions and performing calculations simultaneously. As the name suggests, a single core has only 1 core and has limited multitasking abilities and are often found in budget laptops or older devices. Whereas an Octa-core contains eight cores which offers the highest level of performance and is well suited for complex tasks such as video editing, high-end gaming and are often found in high performance laptops. 

That being said, the number of cores are not the only factor for consideration if you are concerned about the speed of your smartphone and whether they can simultaneously run multiple applications at once. For example The Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max is powered by the A16 Bionic chip, which includes a 6-core CPU with two performance cores and four for efficiency. It has been found that despite only running with 6-cores, the iPhone 14 Pro Max is often found to be faster and outperforming the devices with 8-cores. 

3. Memory, Storage Size and RAM:

This is very relatable to most of us today, while we understand the importance of an ever-increasing storage size requirement to fulfill our ever-increasing need for an expanding photo gallery. This is because sometimes, the completion of a job requires us to download various types of data and applications onto your smartphone. This often requires a large amount of storage, while most modern smartphones today have built-in microSD card slots, many of them lack the expandability via a microSD card. This issue is the most prevalent among Apple devices that don’t usually have expandable storage. Considering your requirements for storage such as files, photos, music, videos, it is always recommended for you to opt for extra memory and storage size especially when upgrading your smartphone. 

Aside from this, as more and more smartphone applications run in the background. A low RAM speed can often lead to poor experience or even a “Laggy” phone. With that in mind, we would strongly recommend you finding out what the smartphone’s RAM is before opting to purchase the device. 


4. Battery Life

As we are now always attached to our smartphones and rely on crucial applications such as Google, Waze and even Spotify throughout our day, battery life is one of the most important things to take into account. The average user prefers a smartphone with a high capacity battery that also comes with a fast-charging system. We recommend you understand your own phone usage, as well as factoring in how long you will require your phone to last before you can charge it again before buying your smartphone. This is because the various functions and applications that are installed in our smartphones today are often running in the background simultaneously which results in a higher battery use. Your phone battery must be strong enough to support your phone usage for a decent amount of time.

5. Type Of Camera:

Let’s not deny it, one of the main driving factors behind many smartphone purchases has to be their camera functions. This has led to modern smartphones having excellent cameras comparable to professional cameras. Often our smartphone’s camera comes with diverse ranges of functionalities that can not only provide good video and photo shooting capabilities during the day but also in low-light situations. Moreover, some smartphones come with ultra-wide camera functions, which allows for photos with good exposure and color effects. Some smartphone also comes with geometric distortion correction on their cameras to prevent poor quality images. To add, instead of just opting for smartphone with superior camera resolutions, you should choose the smartphones with superior optics for an even better experience. 


  • Choose a smartphone that aligns perfectly with your daily needs in terms of size, processing speed, storage space, battery life, and camera use.
  • Don't hesitate to seek help from John Mobile Specialist for any phone issues.
  • Contact John Mobile Specialist for phone diagnosis and phone repair services.

Our Services:

  • LCD replacement
  • Screen crack repair
  • Battery replacement
  • And many more!

John Mobile Specialist:

At John Mobile Specialist, we pride ourselves on our reliability and the trust we've built with our network of customers. Whether it’s with the delicate task of replacing a cracked touchscreen, or addressing the intricate issues of performing a ribbon repair for Samsung devices, or even performing a thorough phone diagnosis, our services are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and efficiency in phone repair. Our approach is not just about fixing phones; it’s about restoring your lifeline to the digital world with expertise and care.

If you are looking to reach out to John Mobile Specialist for your phone repair services. Feel free to either contact us at 017-8515500 (Call or WhatsApp) or you can also drop by our service center at
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